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The Ultimate Plan


$1 Dollar 7 Day Trial Membership then $39.99 monthly (cancel anytime)

3 Bureau Credit Reports and More!

Smart Credit Report®

Save a ton of time by viewing all your creditor, banking accounts, PLUS your credit report in 1 easy to use control panel with our advanced Direct-to-Creditor Action Button that prevents & resolves issues fast!

Action Button + Alerts

Competitors only alert their users. We Alert + with our exclusive patented action button a user can react quickly to resolve ID Theft, Bank/Credit Fraud, & more! 

ScoreBoost™ + ScoreBuilder®

Gain & use advanced credit score knowledge to help you make key decisions on credit-based scenarios to boost your scores!Example: Informs user how much to pay on each credit account to boost scores the most!

Money Manager

A single control panel where you connect directly to all your creditor & banking accounts to view: statements, payments due, & daily transactions. 
Use Direct-to-Creditor Action Button to ask questions, submit requests, lower interest rates, prevent late payments, resolve problems, and save time!


Stop spam phone calls due to your data being sold on the web? PrivacyMaster® feature scans websites & data brokers plus you have the power to remove it

Unlike other less advanced systems that only "notify" w/ no action; you can use the Privacy Master Action Button to target & remove your info with 1 easy click! 

$1 Million Fraud Insurance

$0 Zero Dollar Deductible plus 1-click claims to protect your Bank, Savings, Brokerage, Lines of Credit, lost/stolen wallet, lost/stolen passport, & more! 

Unlike our competitors you get $1 Million protection for your entire household with your single membership!

$1 Dollar 7 Day Trial Membership then $39.99 monthly (cancel anytime)

Money Manager

Connect Your Accounts

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Over 60,000 Secure Connections!

  • Save time by managing all your accounts within 1 control panel. 
  • No guessing or searching to add your accounts. 
  • Money Manager's direct API Integration cross references your financial institutions reporting within your Smart Credit Report®! 
  • A few clicks and your accounts are added 100% safe and secure.
  • We partner with over 60,000 financial institutions, banks, & lenders, making it easier to protect your money & credit. 
  • We track & update your account statements, payments due and transactions every day. 
  • Use action buttons to ask questions, prevent late payments, reduce interest rates, & resolve problems. 
  • Your transactions, instant statements, & trends are updated every 24 hours. 
  • Easily plan your budget & spending. 
  • Best of all, all your accounts are integrated with your Smart Credit Report® for one complete picture!

$1 Dollar 7 Day Trial Membership then $39.99 monthly (cancel anytime)